What is the result?

The results of the HPO Insight™ improvement tool can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your internal organization and allow you to have the right focus to start improvement processes. Based on the results, you could consider adjusting or stopping already initiated projects and/or starting new improvement projects. With the information from HPO Insight™, you create a generally supported language within your organization. Large-scale research shows that financial and strategic performances improve when starting to work with the results and recommendations from HPO Insight™.

“What I really like about HPO is that it addresses the organization and how it is organized in addition to the focus on management and employee quality.”
Karin van Daalen-Veth – HR Director Red Bull Netherlands

Financial results

The table shows the financial benefits of an HPO compared to similar organizations that are not HPOs. These figures come from a large number of scientific literature studies and research reports. The yields in percentages are shown within a range rather than in absolute figures, since they vary by sector. Indeed, every sector has its own financial profile. Only the financial income that has emerged in more than one HPO study is included in the table. The estimate of the range is conservative and therefore extreme results are not included in the list. Based on this overview, an organization can theoretically expect the following improvements over its competitors once it has become an HPO.

“It helps you tremendously in the mindset of the organization and it also helps the employees, who now understand better where you want to go.”
Tineke Tromp – Director HR Wageningen University & Research

Strategic results

It is not as easy to compare the strategic (non-financial) performance of HPOs, as non-financial indicators are generally (very) different for each sector. A number of HPO studies, however, clearly indicate that HPOs generally score higher in terms of customer satisfaction, customer loyalty, and employee satisfaction. Additionally, HPOs deliver higher quality, they receive fewer complaints, offer more innovative products and services, and have a better reputation than non-HPOs.

The results in brief:

  • Better attitude: Employees pay attention to improvement and feel more responsible for the products, services, and processes of the organization.
  • Higher degree of innovation: New products and services come to the market faster and more successfully. There is a shared sense of purpose and renewed spirit.
  • Better collaboration: Employees collaborate with colleagues of other departments as well as with suppliers and clients more frequently and more successfully. They are open to ideas more and see themselves as part of a value-adding chain.
  • Better organization: The organization has a unique strategy compared with competitors, and it works in a more focused and disciplined way. Fewer projects are accepted, but these are completed perfectly, within budget and on time. The organization makes fewer mistakes. The result is a strong reputation in terms of quality.
  • Competitive advantage: Organizations with the highest average HPO score also achieve the best financial and non-financial results.

High Performance Organizations in the nonprofit and governmental sectors appear to perform more essential activities with higher quality but with the same financial resources. This means both success in the short term and success in the long term!