The HPO Insight™ report

We do not believe in a unilateral feedback of figures. Improvement first requires a better understanding of the success factors that really matter. In addition, it is important to know what makes your team, department or organization strong. You need these qualities to turn improving into a success. A report is only effective if something happens with the areas to be improved. Therefore, in the report, you not only receive the scores for the HPO characteristics but also specific Key Improvement Areas, which are ideas and practical advice relevant to your (part of the) organization at this moment.

The report that you can download (MS Word) is based on the data of the online HPO questionnaire, conducted using the HPO Insight™ improvement tool. You can download the results by organizational level (total, division, country, department, etc.) with the corresponding HPO results and Key Improvement Areas. The advantage is that you receive customized insights and applicable advice at any level!

The HPO Insight™ report (in Dutch and/or English) is structured as follows:

  1. In chapter 1, you will find a brief background of the HPO framework: The HPO research and the 35 underlying HPO characteristics. An appendix contains a detailed description of the scientific justification of the HPO framework.
  2. Chapter 2 describes what improvement to the HPO factors can be yielded by using the Key Improvement Areas specifically selected for you based on the HPO results.
  3. Chapter 3 clearly explains how to interpret the HPO results from chapter 4.
  4. In chapter 4, you receive the HPO results for the level you selected. These are the scores for the 35 HPO characteristics of your team, department and/or organization, including the results of the filters specified by you (job level, age, type of employment, etc.) and a benchmark of your results compared with the average results from your sector.
    In addition, you receive all the results of the additional questions formulated by you (ESS questions or other topical questions relevant to your (part of the) organization). This way, you create a match with previous (ESS) studies.
  5. In chapter 5, the software selects the Key Improvement Areas (KIAs) important to you at the level you selected. Each KIA’s importance to you has been described. In addition, tips are provided so you can improve the KIAs in practice.

In a separate report, you can easily download the answers and comments to the open-ended questions for this selection.