Renewal Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS)

Does your employee satisfaction survey (ESS) only tell a part of the organization’s story?

Employee satisfaction largely depends on the quality of management, the interaction between managers and employees, and the collaboration between departments. All these components are only addressed briefly in an average ESS. Unfortunately, managers often think they have a good idea of what is happening in their organization, while in fact they have no clear picture of how the organization as a whole is doing. Does the organization meet the demands of the outside world (clients, but also other stakeholders, such as partners, suppliers, and the government)?

Management has to have a broader view than just employee satisfaction if they are interested in bringing the organization constantly to a higher level in order to create an excellently performing organization. The most accurate picture of the status of the organization – and thus of the issues and problems to be addressed – is obtained by a combination of the measurement of the status of the characteristics of an excelling organization and the measurement of employee satisfaction.

Employee Satisfaction Survey: ESS

First, the organization must implement HPO Insight™ because it maps the status of all important organizational characteristics. In addition to the quality of employees, this includes the quality of managers, an open and action-oriented culture within the organization, the focus on long-term success, and the people’s desire to improve and innovate.

It’s an unfortunate truth that too many managers and HR professionals have fallen behind advances in survey design.
Harvard Business Review

HPO Insight™ ensures that both management and employees can focus on the areas for improvement that need specific growth for the organization to be excellent. An employee satisfaction survey (ESS) comes into play when it appears that success factors that have to do with human interactions – such as Management Quality, Employee Quality, Openness & Action Orientation – need growth. The ESS can provide more detailed information on staffing areas requiring that growth. Essentially, the results of the HPO Insight™ improvement tool serve as an overarching umbrella, indicating what requires further research. As a result, the ESS supports the strengthening of the success factors and thus becomes a strategic tool that helps turn the organization into an excellently performing organization (ESS)!

HPO Insight™ can be extended with 20 relevant questions regarding employee satisfaction (ESS) free of charge. This allows you to match it with old ESSs. Not only does this give you a holistic view of your entire organization, but it can also zoom in on the employee component: Two birds with one stone!