Organization (or parts thereof)

HPO Insight™ is for any organization that wants to measure, improve, and compare performance on a sound basis. HPO Insight™ allows you to focus on the qualities, areas for improvement, and action points for your team, department and/or organization. In addition, you can extend HPO Insight™ to an effective Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) free of charge.

It is a unique measurement instrument for performance improvement of (parts of) organizations. It is very suitable as a starting point for change management or improvement processes, and you can periodically use HPO Insight™ to measure the progress. Based on the measurement, you can always sharpen the focus on performance improvement.

Who use HPO Insight™ for performance improvement?

  • SMEs without a large staff department
  • Parts of multinationals
  • Non-profit organizations, such as health care institutions, educational institutions, housing corporations, etc.
  • Government agencies, such as local authorities, administrative agencies, and parts of departments (subpage)
  • Management teams and directors seeking objective information about the organization’s performance as well as inspiration for a topic for Awaydays, team meetings, etc.
  • Organizations with offices in multiple countries (the HPO Insight™ software and reports are available in Dutch and English)
  • Organizations that want to design a change management process and/or a leadership program or KPIs in a founded way

“HPO has the advantage that it is very practical and easy to implement. The study allows you to see very quickly what buttons you need to push to improve performance. It is a very simple method that accurately identifies the problem.”
Rob van den Maagdenberg, Vice President North Western Europe – Grohe