Key Improvement Areas (KIAs)

The HPO Insight™ report includes the Key Improvement Areas (KIAs). KIAs are a combination of various HPO characteristics. You choose at what level you want to view the report (such as the entire organization, country, branch, division, department or team). Experience shows that Key Improvement Areas may differ for different parts of an organization but that there are also a number of overarching KIAs for the entire organization.

With HPO Insight™, you quickly gain a focused insight into the areas that require attention and reinforcement. When you design and execute disciplined actions for these KIAs, it will lead to better financial and non-financial performance.

The dozens of Key Improvement Areas are derived from:

  • Over 10 years’ experience of the HPO experts with the analyses of HPO diagnoses performed worldwide
  • Practice results of successful HPO improvement programs
  • Scientific analysis by the academic team of the HPO Center

With the HPO results and the KIAs, you can draw up an improvement plan.

What do the executive teams of competing firms actually compete on? Not on their firm’s products and services, that is the company’s output. In fact, executive teams primarily compete on the quality of their insights about their own organization. The first basis of competition between executive teams is the understanding of what really happens in their organization.
Harvard Business Review Press

A few examples of the many Key Improvement Areas are:

  • Create a constantly learning organization: Stimulate learning from each other and learning from mistakesKey Improvement Areas
  • Increase performance orientation: Share and use each other’s knowledge and information
  • Stimulate the development of employees: Give focused attention
  • Things need to run more smoothly and go better: Achieve betterprocess improvement
  • Blinkers off: Good internal collaboration leads to better external partnerships
  • Involve everyone: Make your employees more important
  • Good leadership is crucial: Be the strong leader required to perform better

For each Key Improvement Area, you receive in the report:

  • Your score for a cluster of HPO characteristics that together constitute this area for improvement
  • Explanation of how managers and employees in High-Performance Organizations deal with this KIA
  • Space for self-reflection on the relevant KIA
  • Tips, ideas, and inspiration on how to improve this KIA

“We accept anything; we are very enthusiastic. The problem is that we do not finish these projects sufficiently. The HPO results give us focus!”
Rob Speksnijder – Director Healthcare LIMOR