Pon Power Caterpillar: “The HPO Insight™ was a reality check for us”

A business consultant referred us to the HPO Insight™. Once I learned about philosophy and research behind the HPO Insight™ I was sold. The vision behind the HPO Insight™ of what makes an organization successful and the decisive elements in that is in good keeping with my ideas on the matter. I believe that a clearly defined strategy for the long term is important for the quality of management and employees.

Gut feeling

We took stock of our situation using the HPO Insight™ unique set of HPO-factors and Key Improvement Areas. The HPOPon Power: “The HPO Insight was a reality check for us” Insight™ was used as a zero measurement, giving us a basis from which to work. It was a reality check for us.

We knew that we were a successful company, but were we really as good as we thought? Was it not just a matter of ‘luck’ that we operate in the right sector with the right business model?

The results and improvement areas of the HPO Insight™ were thorough and went further than the gut feeling we all had. The aspects requiring improvement were clearly formulated and an initial impetus for a plan of action was included in the recommendations. It turned out, among other things, that our overall customer orientation could be improved.

Multidisciplinary customer teams

On an individual level, all of our employees are customer oriented, but the level of internal collaboration was inadequate. We have now started a new project that will guide us towards working with multidisciplinary customer teams. The responses of both employees and customers to this project have been enthusiastic.

I am now trying to campaign for an HPO Insight™ at other subsidiaries.

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