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Nearly 5,000 respondents in the IT & Telecommunication sector have already participated in a study through the HPO Insight™ improvement tool. These organizations know that improvement and innovation is required to improve performance. The IT & Telecommunication sector is facing a period in which the competition of young and foreign entrants quickly changes the market.

The five HPO pillars are made up of 35 validated HPO characteristics. Below, you can find the average scores in the IT & Telecommunication sector:

Quality of Management

Openness & Action Orientation

Long-Term Orientation

Continuous Improvement & Renewal

Quality of Employees

Many developments and trends, which were initially seen as an isolated phenomenon, intervene in other developments. There is a movement going on that no longer lets itself be held back and that will have far-reaching consequences for the way we do business and how we live. For example, do not be surprised if, in the future, a serious competitor suddenly presents itself while only being 14 years old. The kid has single-handedly developed an application that puts your entire business model upside down. The kid does not want to sell it but wants to enter into a joint venture with you. Alternatively, do not be surprised if next year, Google and Microsoft suddenly impose an IT infrastructure tax on you. Threatening? Stunning? Absolutely! Nevertheless, it is also beautiful because with every paradigm shift, new diamonds are exposed.

These are the future trends that you will have to face:

  • The new rhythm is the algorithm
  • Cloud preferably in-house
  • The future is ‘bimodal’
  • Security: focus on rights management and monitoring
  • IT as influencer
  • The post-app area is coming
  • (Big) data: Very important
  • Expect the unexpected

Source: IT-magazine

What is required to continue to improve and innovate?

The HPO Insight™ improvement tool helps IT & Telecommunication organizations to work on performance improvement and innovation in Benchmark IT & Telecommunication sectora focused way. New ways of working first require insight into the qualities and challenges of the internal organization. Without motivated employees and progressive leaders, the introduction of optimization of processes or change in supply, for example, will not be successful.

Benchmark IT & Telecommunication sector

Nearly 5,000 managers and employees from the IT & Telecommunication sector have given the scores for the 35 HPO characteristics. The average results for, among other things, the five HPO factors have been filtered from this. Using HPO Insight™, you can find out how your internal organization is performing regarding these HPO characteristics and HPO factors, and you will receive the Key Improvement Areas (KIAs) for your (part of the) organization. You will also immediately gain insight into your performance compared with the IT & Telecommunication data in our HPO database.

With HPO Insight™, you know where you stand

Benchmark IT & Telecommunication sectorUse HPO Insight™ to figure out how your organization is truly performing and what your KIAs are. How do you think your organization will score? Top of the sector? What are your strengths and what can you improve regarding the five HPO factors and the 35 underlying HPO characteristics?

Follow the footsteps of HP Defense UK, TSS-Pharma Partners, Rockwell, Atlas Consortium, brightOne, Rabo IT, Schuberg Philis, Unit 4, All Solutions, Winvision, Feka, Ensior, Rainbow Solutions, Paralax, and Ziggo and start working with HPO Insight™.

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“I was charmed by the simplicity and applicability of the HPO body of thought. The report has formulated very clear and appealing characteristics, which you can use as a manager to give direction.”
Dedi Veldhuis – Vice President HRM VodafoneZiggo

“The HPO framework is based on solid research. This ensures that the framework is the first thing that can truly help managers in a sustainable way.”
Henk W. Broeders, Corporate Vice President Capgemini