HPO Insight™ is unique

From December 2007 on, HPO Experts and researchers worldwide have applied HPO Insight™ commissioned by hundreds of profit, non-profit, and government organizations. We make this wealth of data and experience now accessible to anyone who wants to improve in a practical way. From now on, the HPO Insight™ improvement tool, in which science and practical experience come together, is available to everyone. Read the benefits of HPO Insight™ here:

1. Measuring 35 distinctive characteristics of excellent performance
More than 290 international studies, conducted in the field of excellent performance in the past 30 years, were studied in a period of five years for the High Performance Organization (HPO) research. The most common characteristics of excellent performance were then tested in a worldwide research of over 1,450 profit, non-profit, and government organizations to identify the main themes. This resulted in 35 characteristics, summarized in five factors, that allow organizations to focus on lasting excellent performance.

2. Scientifically validated questionnaire
The HPO research is led by Dr. André A. de Waal MBA, Academic Director of the HPO Center and much sought-after guest speaker at universities. He is the author of over 500 articles and 28 books. André de Waal is seen as an influential management thinker and he is a world-renowned expert in the field of performance management. His research has also been validated by Cranfield University (UK).

3. HPO Insight™ can be extended to an Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS⁺) flexibly and free of charge
In addition to the questions about the 35 characteristics of excellent performance, you can extend the research to an ESS⁺ free of charge. HPO Insight™ can be supplemented with additional questions about employee satisfaction. These questions can then be used to match with older ESSs. Not only does this give a holistic view of the entire organization but it can also zoom in on the employee component: Two birds with one stone!

4. Compare (benchmark) your strengths and points of concern with peers
The scores for the 35 characteristics are analyzed and compared with the extensive database of the HPO Center. This database contains more than 50,000 respondents, making it possible to benchmark your organization in relation to your peers.

5. Report including actions and focus points to improve
Not only does the report show the figures for all the characteristics; you also receive advice and ideas to address the major points of concern. It gives a specific direction and focus to achieve better performance. You will also receive knowledge and insight into the comprehensive research of excellently performing organizations. Moreover, you look at how you can improve further based on the qualities present. If you want, you can simply copy parts of the report to your own presentation, e-mail, et cetera.

6. Available in two languages
Respondents can answer the online questionnaire regarding the 35 HPO characteristics in English or in Dutch. You can also choose in which language you want to download the report. Additional languages can be added after consultation. Please contact us if you are interested in an additional language (info@hpoinsight.com).

7. Thousands of satisfied users in over 50 countries
From 2007 on, thousands of small and large profit, non-profit, and government organizations worldwide have applied HPO Insight™. These include ABN AMRO Bank, Amanco Plastigama, Archway, Cofely GDF Suez, De Beers Marine, DSM, Grohe, GrandVision, HP, UAE – Institute of Public Administration, Iringa University College, Philips Lighting, PricewaterhouseCoopers Advisory, Schiphol Airport, Shui on Land, SVB, Swagelok, TATA Steel, Toshiba, Zambia – Ministry of Commerce Trade Industry.

8. Certainty of performance improving
In all the years that HPO Insight™ has been applied, subsequent measurements have shown that if the organizations achieve higher scores for the 35 characteristics, their financial and strategic results have improved as well!

Evidence-Based Management – The following benefits are achieved:

  • Better attitude: Employees pay attention to improvement and feel more responsible for the products, services, and processes of the organization. The rate of innovation increases, and new products and services are introduced to the market faster and more successfully. There is a shared sense of purpose and renewed ‘spirit.’
  • Better collaboration: Employees collaborate with colleagues from other departments as well as with suppliers and clients more frequently and more successfully. They are more open to ideas and see themselves as part of a value-adding chain.
  • Better organization: The organization has a unique strategy compared with competitors, and it works in a more focused and disciplined way. Fewer projects are accepted, but these are completed perfectly, within budget and on time.
  • Fewer mistakes: The result is a strong reputation in terms of quality.
  • Improved financial results: Productivity increases because the same number of employees does more achieving more success. Profits increase, the market share increases, and the organization is financially more stable.
  • Competitive advantage: Organizations with the highest average HPO score also achieve the best results.
    High Performance Organizations in the non-profit and government sector seem to be able to do more essential things with the same financial resources.

9. Can be set up for your team, department or organization independently, quickly, and specifically
HPO Insight™ is fully automated and you can set it up quickly, flexibly, and safely at a time that is right for you. You can add twenty additional questions and thereby extend the HPO Insight™ report for your organization/department. If you are satisfied with the response rates, you can immediately view the report at the desired organizational level. For example, if your organization has five departments, you can immediately download a report on the whole organization, but also on any of the departments.

10. Safe, reliable, and supporting the outcomes
The online questionnaire is conducted in a secure environment (ISO certified) and automatically processed by an independent party. This makes respondents feel safe to make his/her views known. Completing HPO Insight™ only takes about 10 minutes. The questions are formulated clearly and they are recognizable to everyone. Because of this, the response rate is usually high, which ensures recognition/acknowledgement of the qualities present in the organization on the one hand and support for your Key Improvement Areas on the other hand.

“The HPO framework is based on solid research. This ensures that the framework is the first thing that can truly help managers in a sustainable way.”
Henk W. Broeders – Corporate Vice President Capgemini