How does HPO Insight™ work?

A well-built research into performance improvement always costs energy and money. All the more reason to tackle this research properly immediately. You will see that, due to the validated and user-friendly design of the HPO Insight™ software, the financial and strategic results are many times higher than when using a non-validated questionnaire or an average Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS⁺).

The HPO Insight™ software consists of a questionnaire with 35 scientifically validated characteristics relating to performance improvements that lead to a High Performance Organization (HPO). You can add additional questions and/or organizational characteristics to make the HPO results and report more specific. In terms of organizational characteristics, you can think of:

  • Organizational levels (countries, subsidiaries, divisions, departments, and teams)
  • Managers or employees
  • Job levels
  • Years of employment
  • Type of employment (permanent, flexible), etc.

Based on this classification, the results of the 35 HPO characteristics of excellent performance are shown (scale from 1 to 10). In addition to these specific organizational characteristics, you can add up to 20 (open-ended) questions including ESS-related questions. This allows you to match the study with previous ESSs and/or other studies within your organization.

“Working in an HPO is fun and challenging!”
Otto Ambagtsheer – Director Consumer Schiphol Group

Log in to your secure online page and complete HPO Insight™ to meet your wishes and requirements. A comprehensive manual, videos, and sample texts are available. When satisfied, you prepare the study to be sent out. You can easily start the study by forwarding the link directly to the target audience or by adding a target audience file to the software. When you are satisfied with the response, download the report at any organizational level with the push of a button.

The process in detail

  1. You fill out the registration form, which you will receive from us by e-mail.
    You fill out your details, agree to our general terms and conditions, and indicate which user(s) will be trained as Certified HPO Insight™ Expert.
  2. The user completes the Certified HPO Insight™ Expert training (an average of 4 to 8 hours).
    The Certified HPO Insight™ Expert training includes an e-course with multiple videos about the HPO framework and explanatory videos about the use of the HPO Insight™ software and the reports.
  3. You gain access to the HPO Insight™ software.
    After completing the Certified HPO Insight™ Expert training, each user receives a secure link with login information to their own online HPO Insight™ software.
  4. You design the HPO Insight™ study according to your wishes.
    As Certified HPO Insight™ Expert, you can indicate:a) The language ofthe questionnaire and the reports (Dutch and/or English)
    b) The benchmark you want to compare your HPO results to
    c) Specific organizational characteristics (organizational levels, managers or employees, job levels, years of employment, type of employment, etc.) which you want to receive the scores for the HPO results
    d) Extra questions you want to add, including possible Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS⁺) questions
  5. Start the study.
    When HPO Insight™ meets your needs, you can forward the link to the target audience (for example, all managers and employees, colleagues in your department or the managers participating in an Away-day).
    The study consists of the following steps:a) You create the invitation email (an example email for sending the link is included in the software and you can customize it with a personal note).
    b) You send the mail containing the link to the selected target audience (via software or your own e-mail system).
    c) Using the link, the respondent is forwarded (anonymously) to the home page of your study. The respondent first selects the language of the questionnaire (Dutch or English).
    d) The respondent gives a personal score (from 1 to 10) for the 35 HPO characteristics, keeping in mind one’s part of the organization. In addition, the respondent rates the organizational characteristics and answers to any extra (open-ended) questions you added.
    e) Finally, the respondent ends the study and the data are stored securely.
  6. Interim response rates and ending of the questionnaire.
    In the HPO Insight™ software, you can track the response rates for each study and, if necessary, encourage the target respondents to fill out the questionnaire. When you are satisfied with the response, you conclude the study.
  7. Practically applicable report with HPO results and Key Improvement Areas.
    As a Certified HPO Insight™ Expert, after ending the study you can instantly download the report at the desired organization level. The HPO Insight™ report (in Dutch and/or English) is structured as follows:a) Information about the HPO framework
    b) A description of what the improvement of the HPO factors can yield by using the Key Improvement Areas selected specifically for you based on the HPO results
    c) A clear explanation of how to interpret the HPO results from the report
    d) The HPO results at the selected level. These are the scores for the 35 HPO characteristics of your team, department and/or organization, including the results of the filters you specified (job level, age, type of employment, etc.) and a benchmark of your results compared with the average results from your sector.
    In addition, you receive all the results of the additional questions you formulated (ESS questions or other topical questions relevant to your (part of the) organization). This way, you create a match with previous (ESS) studies.
    e) The Key Improvement Areas (KIAs) at the level you selected. A description of each KIA’s importance to you is given. In addition, tips for improving the KIAs in practice are provided.

Getting started with the HPO Insight™ results

Naturally, how you are going to use the results and Key Improvement Areas depends on your own needs and goals. You can use the valuable information for things like:

  • Fine tuning and establishing an improvement program or change management program
  • Establishing the content of a management development program or leadership program
  • Baseline measurement/where do we stand?
  • Designing an action plan with interventions
  • Improving internal collaboration
  • Strengthening internal organization
  • Creating an innovative culture
  • Reflecting on/fine tuning management agenda

“We found the process to be incredibly valuable. Dr. de Waal’s definition of a High Performance Organization should be the world-wide standard.”
Mike Moroz, former President Archway (USA)