Housing Corporations

Hundreds of respondents in Housing Corporations have already participated in a study through the HPO Insight™ improvement tool. These companies know that improvement and innovation are required to improve performance. Housing Corporations are under political and social pressure to focus on their core business and to reduce costs.

The five HPO pillars are made up of 35 validated HPO characteristics. Below, you can find the average HPO-scores for Housing Corporations:

Quality of Management

Openness & Action Orientation

Long-Term Orientation

Continuous Improvement & Renewal

Quality of Employees

The world in which housing corporations operate is changing rapidly and is in the public spotlight. This goes for the sector as a whole, including individual housing corporations, supervisory authorities, and the accountants. This increased attention has several causes:

  • Public attention
  • Changes in legislation
  • Financial situation and continuity
  • Social task

How do the matters above – real estate situation, budget cuts, changes in field of activity, and changes in legislation – infulence the financial position and performance of housing associations?

Trend analysis, housing corporations – Deloitte


“At Vesteda, we are making a shift to a High-Performance Organization. It is scientifically proven that HPOs achieve significantly better results than the best performing organizations in the industry.”
Hélène Pragt – CFO Vesteda

What is required to meet the political and social pressure?

The HPO Insight™ improvement tool helps housing corporations to work on performance improvement and innovation in a focused way. Benchmark Housing corporationsNew ways of working first require insight into the qualities and challenges of the internal organization. Without motivated employees and progressive leaders, the introduction of optimization of processes or change in supply, for example, will not be successful.

Benchmark Housing corporations

Hundreds of managers and employees from housing corporations have given the scores for the 35 HPO characteristics. The average results for, among other things, the five HPO factors have been filtered from this. Using HPO Insight™, you can find out how your internal organization is performing regarding these HPO characteristics and HPO factors, and you will receive the Key Improvement Area (KIAs) for your (part of the) organization. You will also immediately gain insight into your performance compared with the data in our HPO database regarding housing corporations.

With HPO Insight™, you know where you stand

Benchmark Housing corporationsUse HPO Insight™ to figure out how your organization is truly performing and what your KIAs are. How do you think your organization will score? The top of the sector? What are your strengths and what can you improve regarding the five HPO factors and the 35 underlying HPO characteristics?

Follow the footsteps of WonenBreburg, Vesteda and Servatius, and start working with HPO Insight™.

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“Studies show a positive picture of development. Managers have received a personal report with concrete areas for development for their teams and themselves.”
Board – WonenBreburg

“Throughout the organization, we have appointed improvement coaches to implement this program, to clarify the potential for improvement, and to prioritize. This is a beautiful and comprehensive approach with which you can do a little better every day; ‘improve continuously’ must become a part of the genes of every Vesteda employee.”
Hélène Pragt – CFO Vesteda