Over 14,000 respondents in over a hundred large and small healthcare institutions have already participated in a study through the HPO Insight™ improvement tool. These institutions know that improvement and innovation are required to improve performance. Healthcare institutions are still under great pressure and will have to adapt.

The five HPO pillars are made up of 35 validated HPO characteristics. Below, you can find the average scores in the Healthcare industry:

Quality of Management

Openness & Action Orientation

Long-Term Orientation

Continuous Improvement & Renewal

Quality of Employees

The challenges of providing and funding health care around the globe haven’t changed much over the last few years – and they are unlikely to do so in 2017.

Rising demand and associated spending are being fueled by an aging population; the growing prevalence of chronic diseases and comorbidities; development of costly clinical innovations; increasing patient awareness, knowledge, and expectations; and continued economic uncertainty despite regional pockets of recovery are just a few of the key issues and trends impacting the global health care sector.

Source: 2017 Global health care sector outlook Deloitte

What is required to perform better with fewer resources?

The HPO Insight™ improvement tool helps healthcare institutions to work on performance improvement and innovation in a focused way. Benchmark healthcare industryNew ways of working require first insight into the qualities and challenges of the internal organization. Without motivated employees and progressive leaders, the introduction of new systems, optimization of processes or adjustments to funding sources, for example, will not be successful.

Benchmark healthcare industry

Over 14,000 managers and employees from the Healthcare sector have given the scores for the 35 HPO characteristics. The average results for, among other things, the five HPO factors have been filtered from this. Using HPO Insight™, you can find out how your internal organization is performing regarding these HPO characteristics and HPO factors, and you will receive the Key Improvement Area (KIAs) for your (part of the) organization. You will also immediately gain insight into your performance compared with the Healthcare data in our HPO database.

In our database, a distinction is possible between different care sectors: Care of disabled people, mental health care, care of the elderly, and hospitals.

With HPO Insight™, you know where you stand

Benchmark healthcare industryUse HPO Insight™ to figure out how your organization is truly performing and what your KIAs are. How do you think your organization will score? Top of the sector? What are your strengths and what can you improve regarding the five HPO factors and the 35 underlying HPO characteristics?

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“We accept anything; we are very enthusiastic. The problem is that we do not finish these projects sufficiently.”
Rob Speksnijder, Director Healthcare– LIMOR

“The HPO experts use a no-nonsense approach and they do not use book language; consequently, we can also transfer this information to our employees.”
Tanja Scholten, Director HR Elderly care