Construction and Engineering

Dozens of large and small companies in Construction and Engineering already use the HPO Insight™ improvement tool. These companies know that improvement and innovation are required to improve performance. The Construction and Engineering sector is still under much pressure and is forced to innovate, reduce costs, and work in a more customer-oriented way.

The five HPO pillars are made up of 35 validated HPO characteristics. Below, you can find the average scores in the Construction and Engineering sector:

Quality of Management

Openness & Action Orientation

Long-Term Orientation

Continuous Improvement & Renewal

Quality of Employees

Unlike other industries, the Engineering and Construction sector has been slow to adopt new technologies, and has certainly never undergone a major transformation. As a result, productivity has stagnated over the last 40 years, or in some cases, even declined. This unimpressive record looks set to change very soon, and very dramatically. In fact, profound changes are already taking place – though not yet on a sufficiently wide scale – in many aspects of the construction industry. The writer William Gibson’s famous phrase fits the industry perfectly: The future is here today – it is just not evenly distributed. The key is digitalization. More and more construction projects are incorporating systems of digital sensors, intelligent machines, mobile devices, and new software applications – increasingly integrated with a central platform of Building Information Modelling (BIM). The challenge now is to achieve widespread adoption and proper traction. Wherever the new technologies have properly permeated this fragmented industry, the outlook is an almost 20% reduction in total life-cycle costs of a project, as well as substantial improvements in completion time, quality, and safety.
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What is required to innovate, reduce costs, and work in a more customer-Benchmark Construction and Engineeringoriented way?

New ways of working first require insight into the qualities and challenges of the internal organization. Without performance-oriented employees and progressive leaders, the introduction of a new IT system, optimization of processes, meeting more stringent legislation or change in supply, for example, will not be successful. The HPO Insight™ improvement tool helps companies in Construction and Engineering work on performance improvement and innovation in a focused way.

Benchmark: Construction and Engineering

Hundreds of managers and employees from dozens of companies in the Construction and Engineering sector have completed the HPO Insight™ questionnaire. Based on this wealth of data (scores for the 35 HPO characteristics and five HPO factors), you can find out how your internal organization is performing compared with this benchmark. In addition, you can easily download the HPO Insight™ report containing the Key Improvement Areas for your (part of the) organization.

With HPO Insight™, you know where you stand

Benchmark Construction and EngineeringTo innovate, reduce costs, and work in a more customer-oriented way, you need to know how strong your organization is. Are you performing in the top of the sector? What are your strengths and what can you improve? Top companies in Construction and Engineering have stronger managers, more competent employees, a comprehensive culture of innovation, clients who are fans, and better financial performance than other organizations in the sector have. In addition, multiannual research shows that organizations continuously trying to improve the HPO factors can also survive in difficult times, while their peer organizations go down. In positive times, they are the best in their market.

Follow the footsteps of Dura Vermeer, Witteveen+Bos Consulting Engineers, Shui On Land (China), Valstar Simonis, Ballast Nedam Building & Development, and Grohe and start working with HPO Insight™.