Establishment of your strategic plan

Do all employees support a single direction of the organization?

Becoming a High-Performance Organization is a wonderful goal. Everyone in the organization should be involved in the realization of the objectives. The HPO Insight™ questionnaire and report give you insight into a well-founded base for the establishment and/or update of the strategic plan.

“To us, HPO is the base of our long-term plan and ambition.”
HR Director Red Bull Netherlands

Picture of your internal organization

How good is the performance of your (part of the) organization? Where can you improve?

With the HPO Insight™ software, it is possible to create a snapshot of the strength of the internal organization. Based on this, you can decide if anything needs to be adjusted or if you are doing well.

What do the executive teams of competing firms actually compete on? Not on their firm’s products and services, that is the company’s output. In fact, executive teams primarily compete on the quality of their insights about their own organization.
Harvard Business Review Press

Insight into performance-oriented behavior

How performance-oriented are your managers and employees?

Ultimately, the collective behavior of the managers and employees of the organization ensures that better results are achieved. The HPO Insight™ improvement tool provides insight into the performance-oriented behavior of all employees, so you can influence this behavior in order to improve performance.

“We always discuss the results achieved based on the HPO study. We reflect on the mentality and behavioral changes among employees and managers that have led to the improved results.”
CR Director – VodafoneZiggo

Preparing / Fine tuning Key Performance Indicators

Are your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) prepared efficiently and effectively enough?

Based on the HPO results and the specific Key Improvement Areas (KIAs) in the HPO Insight™ report, you can formulate KPIs simply and quickly. You can do this at any level (organization, department or team). After all, you can download the report at any level free of charge. Make the report as specific as you want!

“Absenteeism decreased. Employee satisfaction increased. Spending by consumer, an important KPI, increased and the results improved.”
Director Retail – Schiphol Group

Benchmark with the peers in your sector

Are you looking for a benchmark of your performance against that of your peers?

Teams, departments, and organizations that want to compare their strong and weak HPO characteristics with those of peers benefit from the extensive global database. Over 55,000 respondents from profit, non-profit, and government organizations have been included in the database.

“Based on much data, organizations are placed next to each other, so you have a reliable benchmark. This way, you know how you function in relation to other, well-performing organizations.”
Director – Valstar Simonis

Fine tuning of your improvement plan

You have already drawn up a comprehensive improvement plan and started working with it, but do you want to know the state of the results?

Moreover, do you want to fine tune the improvement plan based on the results? This is easily done by using HPO Insight™ any time you wish. HPO Insight™ instantly gives you the qualities of your (part of the) organization and insight into the HPO characteristics as well as specific Key Improvement Areas.

“HPO has the advantage of being highly practical and easy to implement. Thanks to the HPO-results you can quickly tell what to do in order to improve performance. It is a methodology that properly puts a finger on the issues.”
Vice President – Grohe North Western Europe

Establishment of leadership program

Does your leadership program serve the long-term result of your organization?

With the results of HPO Insight™, you receive founded themes for the establishment of your management development program or leadership program. HPO Insight™ results in an extensive report on the success factors of excellent performance as well as the focus on points of concern regarding the quality of management and employees.

“We have established a leadership and organizational development program based on the report. In addition, we have also created workshops for MT members to improve personal performance and team performance.”
HR Manager – Mayfran International

Input improvement / change process

Do you really know what actions are required to improve/change?

HPO Insight™ is a wonderful measurement instrument for performance improvement for an organization that already does a lot but that needs a measurement tool for progress. It is an excellent starting point for change management/improvement processes, whereas the HPO Insight™ tool can be periodically used to measure progress. Based on the results, one can always sharpen the focus of a change process on performance improvement.

“The HPO methodology provided a perfect means of bench-marking where we were, what we really needed to focus on, a target to aim for and the means to measure our progress.”
CEO – Ark Data Centres Ltd

Renewal Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS)

Does your employee satisfaction survey (ESS) only tell a part of the organization’s story?

Employee satisfaction largely depends on the quality of management, the interaction between managers and employees, and the collaboration between departments. All these components are only addressed briefly in an average ESS. Unfortunately, managers often think they have a good idea of what is happening in their organization, while in fact they have no clear picture of how the organization as a whole is doing. Does the organization meet the demands of the outside world (clients, but also other stakeholders, such as partners, suppliers, and the government)?