How does HPO Insight™ work?

A well-built research into performance improvement always costs energy and money. All the more reason to tackle this research properly immediately. You will see that, due to the validated and user-friendly design of the HPO Insight™ software, the financial and strategic results are many times higher than when using a non-validated questionnaire or an average Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS⁺).

HPO Insight™ is unique

From December 2007 on, HPO Experts and researchers worldwide have applied HPO Insight™ commissioned by hundreds of profit, non-profit, and government organizations. We make this wealth of data and experience now accessible to anyone who wants to improve in a practical way. From now on, the HPO Insight™ improvement tool, in which science and practical experience come together, is available to everyone. Read the benefits of HPO Insight™ here:

What is the result?

The results of the HPO Insight™ improvement tool can help you understand the strengths and weaknesses of your internal organization and allow you to have the right focus to start improvement processes. Based on the results, you could consider adjusting or stopping already initiated projects and/or starting new improvement projects. With the information from HPO Insight™, you create a generally supported language within your organization. Large-scale research shows that financial and strategic performances improve when starting to work with the results and recommendations from HPO Insight™.

The validated HPO questionnaire

In every sector, there are organizations that perform better in the long term than others. These are organizations that lead the sector and for which everyone would like to work. The essential question is: What makes these organizations perform better in the long term? Is the reason higher salaries, a new IT system, reorganization or its extra sales efforts…?

This question was the starting point for a large international scientific and practical research into the features that transform an organization into a High-Performance Organization (HPO).

The HPO Insight™ report

We do not believe in a unilateral feedback of figures. Improvement first requires a better understanding of the success factors that really matter. In addition, it is important to know what makes your team, department or organization strong. You need these qualities to turn improving into a success. A report is only effective if something happens with the areas to be improved. Therefore, in the report, you not only receive the scores for the HPO characteristics but also specific Key Improvement Areas, which are ideas and practical advice relevant to your (part of the) organization at this moment.

Key Improvement Areas (KIAs)

The HPO Insight™ report includes the Key Improvement Areas (KIAs). KIAs are a combination of various HPO characteristics. You choose at what level you want to view the report (such as the entire organization, country, branch, division, department or team). Experience shows that Key Improvement Areas may differ for different parts of an organization but that there are also a number of overarching KIAs for the entire organization.

With HPO Insight™, you quickly gain a focused insight into the areas that require attention and reinforcement. When you design and execute disciplined actions for these KIAs, it will lead to better financial and non-financial performance.