Organization (or parts thereof)

HPO Insight™ is for any organization that wants to measure, improve, and compare performance on a sound basis. HPO Insight™ allows you to focus on the qualities, areas for improvement, and action points for your team, department and/or organization. In addition, you can extend HPO Insight™ to an effective Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS) free of charge.

It is a unique measurement instrument for performance improvement of (parts of) organizations. It is very suitable as a starting point for change management or improvement processes, and you can periodically use HPO Insight™ to measure the progress. Based on the measurement, you can always sharpen the focus on performance improvement.

Consultants & Advisors

For consultants and advisors, HPO Insight™ is the only science-based tool to measure, improve, and compare performance of clients. The results in the report give you and your clients insight into the strengths and areas for improvement for the design of a program. It provides you with a starting point (photo) of the organization for any program/process, including:

  • Change management programs
  • Business Improvement programs
  • Cultural programs (performance-oriented behavior of all employees)
  • Leadership programs
  • (Team) coaching session
  • Management development programs
  • Vision and strategy support
  • Establishment of performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS)
  • MT workshops and Awaydays

Industry associations

HPO Insight™ gives members of industry associations/umbrella organizations an affordable and reliable improvement tool and benchmark. Specifically for associations it is important to provide added value to members through methods based on scientific research. Many other organizations that can provide benchmark data mainly give figures rather than substantiated focus on areas for improvement.

HPO Insight™ provides your members with:

  • Scores for the 35 science-based characteristics of High Performance Organizations
  • Insight into the strong qualities of the organization
  • Focus on the Key Improvement Areas
  • Benchmark within the sector for the 5 distinctive HPO success factors (and underlying HPO characteristics)
  • A structure of an improvement plan based on actual results