Additional services

If your organization would like support of an HPO expert please let us know. We can support your organization with i.a.:

HPO Diagnosis

With the HPO Diagnosis we discover your organization’s strength and show you where improvement is necessary!


Step 1: Kick-off HPO workshop
Step 2: Planning and creation of the online HPO Insight™ questionnaire (35 items) and guidance
Step 3: Online HPO scan (filling in the HPO Insight™ questionnaire will take a maximum of 10 minutes)Esther Mollema - HPO Expert
Step 4: HPO analysis of the scores done by our HPO Experts and your the HPO Coaches (trained by our HPO Experts)
Step 5: In-depth interviews (the findings of our analysis make up the basis for interviews conducted by the HPO Center in conjunction with the HPO Coaches)
Step 6: Creation of the overall HPO profile of the organization and section-HPO-profiles of the underlying units
Step 7: Overall Feedback and unit-workshop(s) with conclusions and recommendations facilitated by the HPO coach and the HPO Center
Step 8: Action-workshops with managers and employees (done by the internal HPO Coaches you’ve selected, who have been trained by our HPO Experts)
Step 9: Monitoring of progression in HPO improvement-course by HPO Coaches in cooperation with our HPO Expert
Step 10: In order to follow developments and achieved results, a second HPO Diagnosis is performed 1.5 to 2 years after the first HPO Diagnosis (to be discussed)

Workshops & Seminars

Awareness and Discussion within Your Management TeamDr. André de Waal - HPO Expert

Active, customized workshop on topics such as: ’High Performance Organizations’, ’High Performance Leadership’, ’Improve your Management’, ’HPO and Best Ideas’, ‘High Performance Partnerships’, ‘Drive for Excellence’, etc..

Target group: Companies and institutions (or organizational units) that want to know more about high performance and want to actively work on this topic. Management teams, boards of directors, departments and organizational networks use the HPO Workshop.

HPO Trusted Advisory

We work with all sorts of organizations across the globe. Our continuous research helps clients to improve their performance. We have deep functional and industry expertise . We are passionate about taking on immense challenges that improve our clients performance on the long-term. Our HPO knowledge supports organizations in implementing the desired improvements. We also challenge on topics e.g. High Performance Managers, High Performance Partnerships and Continuous improvement and innovation.