About us

Over a period of ten years, the HPO Center has studied over 500 scientific articles and management publications in the field of excellent performance in order to distill the characteristics of High-Performance Organizations (HPOs) from them. Subsequently, these characteristics have been tested (and are still being tested) using an HPO questionnaire conducted worldwide, which now has over 55,000 respondents.

Statistical analysis of the data collected shows that 35 characteristics have a direct, positive relationship with competitive performance. These characteristics have been housed in an HPO framework in five factors. Does your (part of the) organization score higher for these five HPO factors than organizations in the same sector? That means you perform better than these organizations in terms of financial and non-financial indicators (customer focus, employee satisfaction, absenteeism, etc.).

André de Waal

The five factors in the HPO framework are as follows:

  • Quality of management
  • Openness and action orientation
  • Long-term orientation
  • Continuous improvement and innovation
  • Quality of employees

As of December 2007, hundreds of profit, non-profit, and government organizations worldwide have started working with the HPO framework. We make this wealth of data and experience available to anyone who wants to improve their organization. We do this with the HPO Insight™ improvement tool in which science and practice come together.

This improvement tool helps you gain insight into the score of your (part of the) organization for the HPO factors. Based on years of practical experience by HPO experts, you also gain insight into the Key Improvement Areas of your (part of the) organization. The use of KIAs helps to design and implement specific improvement plans.

Research shows that performance improves when your (part of the) organization is committed to the results of HPO Insight™.

Dr. André de Waal MBA
Founder HPO Center and HPO Director of research