Is HPO your ambition?

More than ten years of extensive global scientific research shows that High Performance Organizations (HPOs) and High Performance Teams (HPTs) excel in 35 characteristics, grouped into 5 HPO factors.

These organizations have a stronger management, a more competent staff, a comprehensive culture of innovation, clients who are their fans, and better financial performance than other organizations in their sector.

Large-scale research shows that organizations constantly trying to improve the HPO characteristics survive in difficult times while their peer organizations go down. Similarly, when the times are good, they become the best in their market.

The HPO Insight™ improvement tool helps you achieve your HPO ambition.

The road to high performance

You know something must be done to improve your (part of the) organization but you do not know what exactly or how to go about it.
How do you improve the performance of your managers and employees? How to ensure a performance-oriented and innovative culture?

How to quickly get insight into the quality of your department or organization? Are you sure your efforts yield real improvements?
What action points really guarantee better performance in the long-term?

In short, what focus and approach are required to increase the financial and strategic performance?
The HPO Insight™ improvement tool allows you to gain insight into your HPO performance and to focus on the Key Improvement Areas of your (part of the) organization.

HPO Insight™ improvement tool

With HPO Insight™ improvement tool, anyone can quickly and easily measure and improve performance in an informed way, and compare it with the peers’ performance. HPO Insight™ allows you to focus on the qualities, Key Improvement Areas, and action points of your team, department and/or organization. HPO Insight™ is based on years of scientific and practical research so you have the highest certainty that your efforts will actually be successful.

The HPO Insight™ software is used, among other things, to establish the strategic plan, fine tune the organization’s improvement plan, draw up a leadership program, draft KPIs, renew the Employee Satisfaction Survey (ESS), and get a clear picture of quality of management and employees.